For those who wish to practice at their convenience, a monthly subscription for $1/day will provide detailed instructional videos of the Moy Style Tai Chi Foundation Exercises, and several short form sequences that I am currently teaching in live classes in the Edmonton area.

Exercises and forms are grouped into playlists for ease of use with follow along run throughs of the complete form after all moves have been taught.

I have selected the Buy Me A Coffee platform for online subscriptions due to its flexibility and ease of use.

Click HERE for Details.

These videos can be used as a supplement for those who are currently attending classes, or as a means to learn and practice Tai Chi basics for those who are unable to attend classes.The form movements are mostly taught from two points of view that I have found to be the most effective.

Mirror View - I face you as if you are looking in a mirror. Technically I am doing the movements backwards so that you can follow me directly without confusing left and right sides.

Rear View - I face away from the camera doing the movements forwards and you follow as though you are standing behind me.

I have many more videos and if this format is well received and helpful for people, I intend to continue to add to it over time.

There is also an option to make single donations by buying me one or more cups of tea, should you wish to support the work I am doing.

I hope this format will be helpful, and you enjoy your practice!