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Interactive online classes via the Zoom Client Meetings App. It can be downloaded for free on the App Store, or at https://zoom.us/download 

Class link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3577458519 Password: paul

Simple Tai Chi classes Fall Session (September-December) In Person and Online starting September 6, 2022

My goal after 30 years of practice is to offer a method that focuses on the essential aspects of the Tai Chi, which yield the greatest benefits in the shortest possible time. I have studied and practiced many methods over the years, and continue to do my best to consolidate and disseminate the most effective practices from Tai Chi and other Internal Arts to benefit anyone who wishes to embark on this journey.

Classes will be a mixture of roughly half foundation work, and half form practice.

The essential principles to be developed in the foundation section of classes will include:

- Opening the body
- Building structure and balance
- Connecting mind and body
- Breath work
- Sinking Qi
- Mobilizing Jin

The form practiced in the second half of each class is Tai Chi Essence 18. This is a form that I have developed over teaching live classes for many years, combined with teaching over 1200 interactive online classes over the last 2 1/2 years.

Tai Chi Essence 18 contains 17 essential postures(one repeated) extracted from the 108 movement Yang style form. The methodology is based on the health improvement principles of Moy Lin Shin. If you have learned the 108 long form, the 18 form is simply a more concise version of movements that you've learned without the repetition of the long form.

Through my relatively recent foray into teaching online, I’ve come to realize a few important elements that people often struggle with.

1. Limited space - Tai chi forms often require 20-30 feet of practice space, which most people don’t have available to them.

2. Limited practice time - Life is busy, which can result in people dropping out of classes as they fall behind in learning the form sequence.

3. Experienced students often struggle with attachment to the class format and form sequences that they’ve learned previously which can be an impediment to progress. Practicing Tai Chi is much more about how the mind and body interact to create movement, rather than the actual movement itself. Sadly, this is a stage that many people get stuck at.

All of these obstacles are unfortunate in my opinion as there are so many benefits to Tai Chi practice that people end up missing out on as a result of these limitations.

As a result of these common hurdles, I’m offering the Tai Chi Essence classes in hopes of remediating these problems.

The same curriculum of 4-5 moves will be taught 4 times per week, completing our study of the Tai Chi Essence 18 Form by the end of each month. The same format will be followed for the months of September-December, 2022.

The complete form can be practiced in 2-5 minutes and requires 6-8 feet of floor space.

New students are welcome to join at the beginning of each month as we start the form again. Experienced students will have the opportunity to refine their practice each month and ask questions during class to advance their practice.

Online class times are Edmonton, Alberta time MDT.

Starting Sept. 6, 2022

Monday - 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

Wednesday -  6:30 - 8:00 p.m.


Please contact me directly if you are interested in attending, as I will have a separate mailing list for live classes. Classes will follow current and evolving Covid-19 protocols.

Times: Tuesday Evenings - 6:30-8:00 pm

Location: Pleasantview Community Hall - 10860 57 Avenue

Format-  Classes will follow the same format as online Tai Chi Essence classes.

New students are welcome to join in at the beginning of each month.


Over the course of the fall session I will offer workshops in the the long forms, Tai Chi 108 long form, Lok Hup first Half, Swimming Dragon for those who are interested in learning and refining these longer forms.

Workshops will run based on a minimum number of participants.


I believe that progress in Tai Chi is amplified by giving freely and opening one’s heart. As my first teacher Moy Lin Shin taught me, currency must flow like a current to promote healthy development and free flow of energy.

If you are unsure of what to contribute, a suggested baseline of $10/hour of instruction, which over the course of a month would be:

4 classes of 1.5 hours per week - $60

If you wish to attend more classes, you can multiply this formula to suit your time and interest. Online days can be freely substituted for others to suit your schedule as all classes are the same for each week.

If this formula is beyond your financial means, please feel free to attend as often as you wish and contribute a monthly amount that fits your budget.

Live classes have an envelope for anonymous cash donations.

I hope to get more people practicing and enjoying the benefits of Tai Chi while building a community of like minded people.


Private tuition is offered on a sliding scale for people to pay according to their means. As an Occupational Therapist, my services are covered by some health insurance plans.

If you are interested in private sessions, please enquire directly for prices.

"Teaching is a joy and a privilege, and I appreciate every opportunity I have to pass on these amazing arts."


If you'd like to have more information about classes, workshops, private lessons or have any other questions about Inner Health Tai Chi, please feel free to contact us.